Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising through the green

And suddenly when it appeared all was darkness and ash, she reemerged on fire once more, her blue flames piercing from heart to iris.

Hey you.

Sorry I've been gone so long.

2018 has been a helluva trip so far.

I mostly don't know how to even begin to share everything. So please forgive me if I can't.

Here we go...

January - Asked to turn in my resignation with Tennessee Shakespeare Co.

February - Began rehearsals for "The Nether" with Quark Theatre, auditioned and offered role in FEMMEmphis production of "Desdemona, a Play About a Handkerchief."

March - "The Nether" performed at Evergreen Theatre with overwhelmingly receptive audiences.

April - Assistant Lighting Designer for Memphis Opera Festival, and booked gig as Little Mermaid with Memphis Zoo

May - Rehearsals began for "Desdemona," my ex-husband and I filed for divorce, and I was sent to the emergency room for 2.5cm abscess in throat.

June - "Desdemona," performed for two weekends, interviewed for and offered position with Opera Memphis, left Colors Agency after four years of representation.

July - Joined FEMMEmphis collaboration "Pretty," directed by Leslie Ann Barker, began job as Communications Coordinator for Opera Memphis.

And now I'm here!

These little blurbs do nothing to encompass all the mental/emotional/spiritual/physical changes that have come with each event, but through all the good and bad and ugly I have survived.

I just keep repeating:

"You are not perfect, but you are enough.

You are a poet warrior.

Ice cream will always be in the freezer for you."

Until next time,


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