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RJP 2017 - I'll de brief.

My observations from the past 3ish months:

1. The freshmen this year (as a whole) were much more receptive, respectful, and intuitive.

2. Doesn't matter if you're in a public or private schools, you will run into difficult students, teachers, and administrators.

3. Check-in's build strong ensembles.

4. 5:00 am will always be too early.

5. Students don't expect you to hear them when they talk during a show.

6. Kids will make fun of you when you have fun on stage. Do it anyways.

7. Fingers are precious commodities.

8. I want a vocabulary like Khalil Lesaldo someday.

9. Paris' page would have been destroyed when he saw Paris' dead body in the tomb. He really did love Paris. I wish I had that realization before the final performance. C'est la vie.

10. "Bad teachers" are tired humans.

11. Actors do not have to tolerate rudeness from their audience.


13. "I got your back," are the most reassuring words and should be spoken often.

14. Mental illness is much more common among high school students and teachers than I had been led to believe, and I'm grateful Mercutio gave me an opportunity to speak about my own experience with bipolar disorder.

15. Approach all situations with compassion.

16. Sometimes students don't know better.

17. Last year I went into this classrooms ready to teach. This year I went ready to play.

18. I am proud of my RJP family and all we've accomplished this year. They truly are my family. I will look back on these hectic, stressful, beautiful, challenging months with fondness and a full heart. I miss all of you goofballs already and I need to end this particular observation before I'm reduced to a weepy, snotty puddle.

19. Cut everyone, including yourself, some slack. You'll all breathe a little better.

20. Being pushed outside my comfort zone is a daily occurrence, slowly turning into an addiction.

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