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Behind the Bard: "The Romeo and Juliet Project"

The Romeo and Juliet Project(Copyright 2016) created and directed by Stephanie Shine features the talents of nine acting/teaching-artists. This residency is broken into three teaching sessions and one 90-minute professional production of Romeo and Juliet. During the teaching sessions, students get up on their feet and take on the life of these characters as they speak the verse and play the play. They learn life-saving conflict-resolution techniques, gain greater empathy, and develop heightened language to articulate their feelings and problems.

To learn more about this show or to book one of the many residencies offered by Tennessee Shakespeare Company, CLICK HERE.


Marquis Archuleta

Jillian Barron

Marlon Finnie

Michael Khanlarian

Roman Kyle

Ashley Mahone

Cally Shine

Nathan Snow

Director: Stephanie Shine

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