A Love Story Pt. 3: Now He Knows

My apologies for the delay on the next part of our story. We've been experiencing technical difficulties with the internet.

Where did we leave off? Oh yes! The night of the party.

It was a night in March. I'd been invited to my friend RJ's 21st birthday party. I went and brought along my ex and we met up with some other mutual friends at RJ's house. To my delight, Zach was there! But since I was there with my ex I didn't talk to Zach much.

There was a bonfire and homemade chili, beer pong, and fireworks. Everyone was laughing and talking and having a really good time.

The drink of choice that night was a bottle of Jack Daniels that was being passed around between all of us. There weren't any shot glasses readily available, so we took turns taking sips. That's all fine and dandy until you've forgotten how many sips you've taken and you're memory gets all blurry.

The last thing I clearly remember was of a group of us walking (stumbling) down to the edge of a small pond on RJ's parents' property. There was a small paddle boat and people were daring each other to get in and take it out on the lake. With liquid courage coursing through my veins, I jumped in the boat and loudly exclaimed that I'd do it! Zach was the only other person brave enough to get in with me, and as we sloshed out onto the pond he pulled out his phone and started playing the paddle-boat song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. God I was so attracted to him in that moment. I had just been thinking about how perfect it would be if that song was playing, and then he started playing it without me saying a word.

Well, I didn't leave my attraction in the boat, and as the full force of the Jack Daniels took hold of me, I became very bold with my feelings.

I don't remember the next part clearly, but Zach has told me enough to cause blurry snapshots to resurface. We had just played a round of Cards Against Humanity and I started missing Zach. So I went stumbled through the house and made my way outside. I found him sitting alone on the front porch. Well I went right up to him, sat behind him, wrapped my legs around his torso, and started biting his ear--you know, just in case he had any doubts about my feelings towards him.

Now, this probably wouldn't have been a problem, except I was still seeing my ex. And he came out on the porch just about the time I started kissing Zach's neck and yelled, "Jillian, what are you doing?!" which was about the time I realized what I was doing, ran inside, and started vomiting violently in the bathroom (from the alcohol, not the kissing).

My hangover lasted 3 full days, and the silence between Zach and me lasted for a much longer time. I couldn't remember that night very well, so I wasn't sure if I had said something or done something to offend him, but I knew it must've been bad because he kept avoiding me and turning down my invitations to game nights and parties.

My relationship with my ex started its slow decline as the spring months warmed into summer, and it was about that time--late in August--that Zach and I reconnected at the Brass Knob...

(To be continued)

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