A Love Story Pt. 1: They Meet

Photo by Amy Williams

I can't remember what day it was, but I remember it was close to Christmas time. My boyfriend and I were on a break, and I was enjoying my new found independence by going to plays and parties that I would have otherwise turned down. This particular night ThreePenny Theatre, a budding new company, was hosting a fundraiser for their upcoming performances of Macbeth. I had several friends who were in the production and so I decided to attend.

I went to one of the art gallery buildings in midtown Memphis where the event was being held. I was nervous and kept wiping the sweaty palms of my hands on my pants. It'd been awhile since I had to mingle as a single gal, but I was determined to meet new people. So, I introduced myself, shook hands, laughed, and was genuinely sociable.

As people poured in, I began to recognize the faces of my cast mates from As You Like It--the play I was acting in at the time. One particular group that had just walked in the door was made up of three gentlemen by the names of David Hammonds, Zach Williams, and RJ Whitfield. I didn't really know them, but they were "the funny guys from rehearsal" in my mind, so I made my way over.

We started talking about nothing memorable, and when the fundraiser was dying down, we all decided to head over to our friend Gabe's apartment to keep the party going.

At Gabe's apartment there were Santa hats, enough random liquor to drown a horse, and a bunch of theatre people who love to party and entertain each other. This was the same night I first became friends with Davis Hanrahan, I flirted with someone since my breakup, I let myself getting smashingly drunk, and the first time I was attracted to a boy named Zach Williams. He was quiet and mysterious with his dark eyes and darker hair, but his wit was on point and his snarky remarks were both intelligent and biting. He drank, he smoked, he swore--I pegged him for a bad boy and enjoyed his company.

I don't remember most of the night (referring back to my earlier comment about getting smashingly drunk), but I remember the next day one of my friends telling me that a guy at the party who had dark hair and dark eyes was asking people if I was single. I was instantly excited and hoped that Zach was going to ask me out, but, alas, it was another boy who also had dark hair and dark eyes that ended up calling me and asking me out for a drink. I gently turned him down and thought nothing more of the people from the party as I prepared for the holiday season...

(To be continued)

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