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"The Offering" Now At TheatreWorks

Well, tonight was the opening performance for the second weekend of "The Offering" at Theatreworks!

This play....this play, this play, this play.

I don't even know where to begin in trying to describe this play. It's not that it's super avant-garde like Ionesco or Beckett, but you'll definitely have several head-scratching, eyebrow-furrowing, WTF moments as you follow these four characters living out their lives for three hot, blistering days in a basement apartment in New York city.

Gus Edwards leaves lots of room for interpretation in his script, allowing the actors to mold and create the atmosphere they want rather than trying to conform to and fit in the playwright's intention. Directed by Tommy Sharpe, this play examines each character, forces them to offer something up, and lets the consequences play out.

There are some laughs, a few arguments, a dash of sex, and plenty of brandy to go around. Head on over to Theatreworks to get your tickets.

Runs through May 1st.

Pictured: (left to right) JS Tate, Jillian Barron, Emmanuel McKinney, Jai Johnson

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