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Running from performance to rehearsal to workshop to home leaves little time for meals and often we are tempted to make unhealthy choices not out of want, but out of convenience. So, in order to halt our endless, woeful fast food habits, I want to share my salad jar recipe with you! It's quick, easy, and one jar lasts up to five days in the fridge. The ingredients are also interchangeable, so you can customize these for whatever your tastebuds fancy.

Shown above is a basic garden salad, two with Italian dressing and two with Balsalmic Vinagrette. The large jars are meal size, while the small pint jars are good as side salads.

Here's the recipe:

INGREDIENTS (as shown above. Feel free to add whatever you like!)

-2Tbsp dressing

-Shredded, cooked chicken

-Diced yellow bell pepper

-Diced and peeled cucumber

-Diced tomato

-Shredded lettuce

-Shredded cheese

Layer ingredients with dressing on the bottom into a clean mason jar. Cover and refrigerate up to five days.

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