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Exciting News!

I am very excited to announce that I will be joining Chatterbox theatre in recording Gawain and the Green Knight!! We will be recording the show in the studio and then it will be uploaded to their website so you can listen to it anytime! To check out and listen to their large selection of shows available now, click on the logo to the right.

And I know I briefly mentioned it in my previous post, but wanted to announce again that I will traveling to Chicago to audition for Murder Ballad, which will open and be performed in Bloomington, IN this summer. I'm super duper stoked.

Also, I just found out that I will be auditioning for the Nashville Shakespeare Company in April!! I had applied for an audition slot forever ago, and because it had been so long and I hadn't heard anything, I figured that I wasn't chosen. But yesterday I got my email confirming the date and time for the audition!

So, a lot is going on and it's all very exciting, and I want to thank everyone in my life for supporting me and encouraging me as I continue to chase after my dreams! Your positive energy, prayers, and good thoughts keep me going :) Thank you.

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