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As I sit here in my underwear...

It's 12:17am.

I'm typing this with earplugs in, a ratty t-shirt, my little red boy-short undies, and slightly damp hair. I've showered and taken all my meds, even made myself three sandwiches to curb the hunger in my tummy.

And yet, I am not tired. At least not mentally.

Why? Why is Insomnia being such a bitch?

A lot of exciting stuff is coming up in my life! And so my brain won't turn off. We open "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" on Friday, I have an audition for "Mamma Mia" on Sunday, and then I'll pack my bags and jet off to Chicago for another audition on Wednesday.


I keep thinking about the songs I want to sing at both of these auditions. I try to imagine how they'll be received by the directors, what portions I want to use, how I want to tape the pages so it's easy for the accompanist to read, what outfits I want to wear, how I should do my hair and makeup, maybe I should bring some cookies or other edible nummies for the casting directors, should I highlight the lyrics I'll be singing, don't forget that I'm meeting with Jason tomorrow to run through the songs, should I bring both of them to work on, I need to stop at an ATM, What if they ask for a monologue, which ones should I use, I'm glad I've got some prepared from UPTAs, I haven't heard anything from the UPTA companies, I'm not worried about it, I'm a liar, I'm worried about it.


I should put a picture with this blog. I need to research "Upper West Side" fashion. What the fuck does that even mean? *pulls up "Upper West Side Fashion on google* OH THANK GOD. I can work with this. It's like chic hipster frenchy looking stuff. I got that, brah.


What if I just start wearing all black all the time? And really thick black eye liner. Or maybe I'll try monochrome outfits. Because why not?


I think I feel that melatonin kickin' in.

Until later, enjoy some examples of "Upper West Side" fashion that I found on google.

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