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People Who Inspire Me--Anna McKeown

Today's blog post is dedicated to Anna McKeown. Anna and I went to high school together, and I remember that was when she started drawing what we called her "sexy bunnies." They were doey-eyed, mischevious characters reminiscent of pin-up girls. They were unlike anything any other art student at school was doing, and they were full of personality and life.

Now Anna is living in Nashville, TN with her husband and high school sweetheart Troy, and she continues to work on her craft. Her artwork has been displayed in several locations. She even hides pieces around town and sends people on treasure hunts with clues given via Facebook.

I am inspired whenever I see new pieces she is working on. I am inspired by her drive and her continuous pursuit of her craft and passion. If it's hard to make a living as an actor, I can only imagine it is just as hard if not harder to make a living as an artist. Yet, Anna has not lost her joy, and I know that because it shines through all her pieces.

For more information on her and her artwork visit

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