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Ballet Is NOT For Sissys

I took my first ballet class ever yesterday at Jarek Stutlz Dance Academy. And being the over-acheiver that I am, I took three classes in a row--beginner, intermediate/advanced, and tricks and turns. It was three hours of very intense muscle control, movement precision, and all-over coordination. It was also one of the most fun mornings I've ever had!

I forgot how much I love dancing. It's great exercise and there is something so satisfying and freeing about being able to move your body so it feels like you are gliding and floating in the air. Granted, my gliding and floating likened to an elephant in clogs, but you catch my drift.

As an actress, dance helps me become aware of my body. It allows me to tune in to how my body moves, what each little muscle does, and, most importantly, how to remember each of those little movements. Memory of exact body placement and movement is so important in film, as well as theatre, for continuity's sake.

I highly recommened Jarek's classes for anyone of any age at any experience level who may considering taking up dance again or for the first time. He is a very approachable teacher, very positive and upbeat, and will take the time to explain the steps to you no matter how many times you ask (personal experience).

I'll definitely be back again next week!

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