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Don't Give Up

I'm being selfish today and writing this post for myself.

Dear Jillian,

I know you're feeling a little down. I know you're feeling like you're treading water with concrete blocks on your feet. I know you look at your friends and family members and wonder if you should give up your pursuit of acting and choose a career that would readily give you the money and security and stuff that you want. It's so tempting to throw your hands up in the air and say, "I give up!" on days when your receiving rejection after rejection from your auditions.

But you can't give up. You have come too far now to stop.

Look at where you were a year ago. One year ago you decided you were going to dive head-first into your acting career. In one year you got an agent. You've been cast in six incredible plays. You've done background work on a major TV show, been a part of two indie films, a music video, and one webisode. You got your first professional acting gig doing the most intense improv in Pennsylvania. You got a second professional acting gig in Memphis through Playhouse on the Square, and then again a third with Bluff City Tri-Art Theatre! You've traveled to Louisville, Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago, and St. Louis for auditions. You've met so many inspiring artists who are struggling and succeeding just like you to make it in this industry.

And that's what you are doing. You are struggling and SUCCEEDING. It may be hard to see that when you look at your bank account and the bills start rolling in and you don't know when your next gig will come. But you can't give up.

This is what you live for. Acting breathes life into you, and if you stop breathing you will die. Mellow dramatic, I know, but true nonetheless.

Please, Jillian. Please don't give up. You're stronger than you realize. Keep grinding away, hitting the pavement, doing that yoga. It will all payoff one day.

Until then, read these wise words of the actors you admire and remember they were once in your shoes too.

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