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Flashback Friday: Brush With Fame

It was this time a few years ago that my family and I were on one of our annual trips to Chicago to celebrate the holidays. We had spent the day walking up and down Michigan Avenue, and had decided to stop into The Chicago Place to take a small repose from the piercing wind and jostling crowds.

Now, I love Chicago in the winter, especially right before Christmas--the lights, the carriages, the snow. But apparently not many people find the city quite as magical and wonderful as I do, and I had noticed that not a single person i saw was smiling. And my innocent little Christmas spirit was so sad about this that I decided the next person i saw I would intentionally smile at.

So my youngest brother and I were waiting on a bench outside the elevators at the mall while the rest of my family perused the trinkets in Williams&Sonoma, and no sooner had I resolved myself to single-handedly spreading joy to the entire city of Chicago, the elevator doors slid open and a VERY tall gentleman with unrurly hair, sunglasses, and a small entourage stepped into my view.

Without hesistation I flashed him a huge smile hoping the happiness would be contagious. He was a man on a mission with his long strides swiftly removing him from the elevator, but he paused ever so slightly when he saw me and cocked his head to one side as a goofy grin slowly spread across his face.

...That grin...where did I know it from? And why on earth did he look so familiar? Once he was halfway to Williams&Sonoma I grabbed my brother's hand and pulled him with me as I followed the gentleman, racking my brain for his identity.

I reached the entrance to the packed store at the same time my parents were exiting, excited looks on their faces.

"Jilly! Jilly! You'll never guess who's in Williams&Sonoma RIGHT NOW."


"Vince Vaughn!"

**light bulb**

"It's just too bad you didn't get to see him. Want to run in real quick?"

"No, that's alright. I'm good."

We left the mall and went back to our hotel rooms, and I'm pretty sure I had that same stupid grin on my face the rest of the day just in case I ran into Vince again.

#flashbackfriday #vincevaughn #jillianbarron #chicago #chicagoplace #celebrityrunins #smile

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