Jillian began acting in 2005. She participated in high school and community plays and productions, competed with her high school forensics speech team, was cast in Southern Illinois University McLeod Playhouse’s Summer Theatre production of Aida, and was one of 12 twelve members of the 2009 Illinois All-State Improv team. Before attending Union University to study Theatre Performance, Jillian had the opportunity to study at The Second City and emcee the Illinois High School Improv Festival in Chicago, IL.

After graduating in 2012 with her B.A. in Theatre Performance and French Lit. & Culture, Jillian moved to Memphis, TN. She signed with Colors Agency and became heavily involved in theatre productions, short films, and commercials in the area.

In 2015, Jillian accepted a contract to work as an improv artist at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. She trained and performed there for 4 months with the professional troupe We Are Vanessa before returning to Memphis, TN.

Once back, she performed in the world premiere of Byhalia, MS (Playhouse on the Square), The Offering (Bluff City Theatre Company), and In Search of Tonto Goldstein (Women’s Theatre Festival of Memphis, Inc.). Jillian also expanded her work in the film/television industry working on several Indie shorts as well as feature roles in Southland Gaming and Racing commercials, Fresh Big Mouf’s music video I Got What You Need, and work with Nashville and Million Dollar Quartet.

From 2016-2017 she participated in and successfully completed Tennessee Shakespeare Company’s Teaching-Artist Fellowship, performing in shows such as Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing, and Comedy of Errors. She returned to the company briefly at the end of 2017 first as an Education Program Artist.

After leaving Tennessee Shakespeare Company, Jillian worked with both Quark Theatre and FEMMEmphis Theatre appearing on stage in The Nether, Desdemona: A Play About a Handkerchief, Pretty, and The Typographer’s Dream.

In June 2018, Jillian left Colors Agency after four years of representation, and began working as the Communications Coordinator for Opera Memphis. She returned to the stage in 2019 for Women Theatre Festival’s production of Down In Mississippi, and Art with a Heartbeat’s original production and world premiere of Ricochet (March 2019). She and Laurel George founded B&G Improv in February of 2019 performing during Midtown Opera Festival 2019, Voices of the South Fringe Festival 2019, and various cabarets around Memphis.

In May 2019, Jillian made her debut appearance on the Hattiloo Theatre stage as Civil Rights activist Joan T. Mulholland in The Parchman Hour: Songs and Stories of the 1961 Freedom Riders under the direction of Dennis Whitehead-Darling. B&G Improv partnered with Voices of the South and began monthly performances at TheatreSouth in Memphis, TN.

During 2020's global pandemic shut down, Jillian joined Living Room Shakespeare Company's international cast for an online performance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, directed by Kevin Anderton. Jillian relocated to Providence, Rhode Island with her husband and three cats during the summer of 2021.


Chris Davis, The Memphis Flyer

"The relationships in Proof are emotionally raw, and excruciatingly real. Before she says a word you can read the fatigue and depression in Barron's posture, as she putters around the backyard of her family home." (2013)

"Jillian Barron, who plays Laurel, [Evan] Linder's female protagonist, is especially strong here. Barron, it seems, can do no wrong. She was one of the more fantastic things about Jo Lenhart's fantastic As You Like It at Theatre Memphis. She followed that with an award-worthy turn as a talky millennial in Rapture, Blister, Burn in the same space. Her Laurel doesn't always make good choices but she's always trying (sometimes failing) to choose better. She owns her worst mistakes - eventually - and she learns from them, kinda. She's flawed but decent, and constantly awkwardly evolving. It's a terrific role on the page and Barron wears the character like school colors." (Byhalia, MS 2016)

"Jillian Barron plays the hardboiled detective and brings a fierce anime edge to her scenes." (The Nether 2018)

"Jillian Barron is joyfully weird as the geographer. She's one of those eternally chipper people that seems to love her job - and maps - just a little too much." (The Typographer's Dream 2018)

Jon W. Sparks, The Commercial AppealMemphis Magazine


"Proof is beautifully performed, particularly with Jillian Barron as Catherine. Barron's instincts are dead-on with every bit of sarcasm, panic, fear, hope and resolve emerging with unforced authenticity. This is her first time with Theatre Memphis, and let's hope for more." (2013)

"But what really makes [Rapture, Blister, Burn] pointed is the presence of Avery (Jillian Barron), a 21-year-old free spirit who has her generation's blindness to the past but is assured about what her future holds...Barron hits a bullseye with her gift for portraying an authentic know-it-all college kid who understands everything except what she doesn't." (2015)

"Jillian Barron finds the core of the new mom and makes her three dimensional, simultaneously earning sympathy and disapproval." (Byhalia, MS 2015)